Saturday, 14 June 2014

Women's Health Queensland Prolapse Information Sheet

This series covers information sheets about POP from professional health organisations. These pages, though they don't necessarily go into a great deal of detail, are a good place to start. They help you gain a clear understanding of POP.

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The Women's Health website from the Queensland Government has detailed fact sheets on many common health conditions. Their fact sheet on Prolapse can be found here: Genital Prolapse Fact Sheet.

The strengths of this fact sheet include:
  • The level of detail it provides
  • It includes information about less common forms of prolapse, such as Enterocele and Urethrocele
  • Clear diagrams of different types of prolapse, and a diagram showing how a Pessary sits when inserted properly
The main feature of this fact sheet is that it includes a good outline of what examinations your health professional should do when diagnosing your prolapse. This means that you can go to your appointment mentally prepared for the physical examination. It also empowers you to make sure your health professional is doing a thorough job, particularly if you are seeing someone like a GP without specialist training.

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