Wednesday, 18 June 2014

June is Prolapse Awareness Month

Share this prolapse inforaphic from the National Association for Continence, to help raise awareness of prolapse
June is prolapse awareness month. It was started by the Association for Pelvic Organ Prolapse Support (APOPS), which is an international organisation that raises awareness of prolapse.

Like all prolapse organisations, including the Prolapse Information Project, APOPS was only formed recently and still largely depends on the participation of supporters. So, while there are some official APOPS events for Prolapse Awareness Month, APOPS is encouraging women and health professionals to organise their own events.

Because the Prolapse Information Project is based online, I am encouraging readers to post the infographic above on any social media sites they use, such as Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest. It provides basic information about prolapse, and explains how common it is.

Many readers would not have heard of prolapse before being diagnosed with it. Still others may have lived with their symptoms for years, thinking they were the only ones with those symptoms. While you may feel hesitant to raise awareness of prolapse because it may make people realise that you have a prolapse, you have the potential to really change the life of someone you know who is suffering in silence. Something as simple as sharing this infographic could have a huge impact on the life of one of your family or friends.

It is time for it to be as socially acceptable to say "I have a prolapse" as it is to talk about any other serious health condition. This change starts with each of us.

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