Monday, 9 June 2014

Where to Find Information on Prescription Medications

One of the benefits of taking prescription medications rather than alternative remedies is that drug companies are obliged to produce detailed up-to-date information about each of their products.
You can access this information as a consumer on a number of websites:
  • (which has a policy of adding new information immediately after receiving it from drug companies, and is therefore very up to date)
  • Medicines Guide (produced by the Australian Government's 'Better Health Chanel')
  • NPS Medicinewise (produced by a coalition of healthcare professional organisations)
An example of an information sheet for a drug commonly given to patients with prolapse is Lactulose (a laxative). The drug information sheet for Lactulose on can be found here: Duphalac.
These websites are not a substitute for professional advice from a pharmacist or doctor, but they can be useful to 'fill in the blanks' or to give you additional information that a GP may not be aware of (considering the variety of medications that they deal with on a daily basis).
If you are unsure about something you have read, you can call an information line such as Medicines Line in Australia (1800 633 424) to speak to a pharmacist. If the information on these sheets conflicts with information a health professional has given you, you can go back to them to seek clarification, or get a second opinion.

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