Monday, 2 June 2014

Voices for PFD Information Sheet

This series covers information sheets about POP from professional health organisations. These pages, though they don't necessarily go into a great deal of detail, are a good place to start. They help you gain a clear understanding of POP.

'Take the Floor' is a website about Pelvic Floor Dysfunction (including prolapse), produced by the American Urogynecologic Society.

Here is the page of frequently asked questions: Take the Floor.

The strengths of this information sheet include:
  • The fact that it is produced by a reputable professional organisation
  • It presents both the pros and cons of different treatment options
  • It includes some information on conditions that other information sheets may not, and which some GPs and even Gynaecologists may not be aware of (such as underlying incontinence that can be revealed by a cystocele repair)
One weakness is the lack of diagrams, which may make it difficult for readers to get a clear understanding of what is actually going on inside a person with a prolapse.

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