Monday, 23 June 2014

National Association for Continence "Tools for Patients"

The National Association for Continence is an American organisation that aims to help women and men with continence and pelvic floor problems.
They have put together a page of excellent resources for women with prolapse, both in America and around the world: Tools for Patients.
General resources that can be used by all women, and their advocates, include:
  • Information on patients' rights and informed consent, including a clear list of the information you should be given as a patient
  • A summary of the latest findings and FDA statements about the use of mesh in prolapse repair surgery
  • The questions that your surgeon should ask you before recommending a particular type of surgery, and the information you should be given about your condition and the suggested treatment
One of the most important parts of managing your prolapse is knowing the right questions to ask when you are talking to a health professional. This resource will help you to go into important conversations well-informed. It is also useful to read this if you will be advocating for a woman with prolapse at medical appointments.
For women in America, there is information on the 'Centres of Excellence' program, which identifies clinics that are specialists in dealing with prolapse. This is very important, as it can be extremely difficult to find a surgeon or practitioner who is experienced in dealing with prolapse and in whom you are confident. This program aims to take the guess-work out of the process by identifying health professionals who meet certain standards in training and results. 

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