Friday, 27 June 2014

Free Physiotherapy Instructional Videos

There is increasingly strong evidence for using physiotherapy by a trained Women's Health Physiotherapist to manage prolapse.

Michelle Kenway is an Australian Women's Health Physiotherapist. She is passionate about educating women about pelvic floor exercises and safe exercise for prolapse, and has produced a number of free publicly-available resources for women.

It can be difficult for women with prolapse to get accurate information about exercise. Michelle Kenway's You Tube channel has a number of videos about this topic, including many showing pelvic-floor safe exercise. You can find this here: Michelle Kenway on YouTube.

Here is one of her videos "Back Exercises for Women that Safely Strengthen and Tone":

At the Prolapse Information Project, I strongly recommend getting advice from a Women's Health Physiotherapist before beginning any exercise routine. However, I recognise that due to your location or economic circumstances this isn't always possible. Exercise information on the Prolapse Information Project is only intended as a general guide and may not be appropriate for every woman.

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