Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Bethesda Hospital Prolapse Information Video

You may have already had a look at the information sheets and diagrams that can be found by clicking the Information Sheets tab. But you may have found the language confusing, or the diagrams unclear. You may find this information easier to understand presented in the following video.

Bethesda Naval Hospital in America has created a great detailed video to explain prolapse to its patients.

This video can be accessed on YouTube, or viewed here:

The video covers the following points:
  • What is prolapse?
  • Different types of prolapse (explained using animated diagrams)
  • Types of treatment that are available
  • An overview of some types of surgery
  • A detailed explanation of Sacrocolpopexy surgery
  • A discussion of the risks and benefits of different types of treatments
These points are explained clearly in everyday language, making this video a great starting point to understanding prolapse.

Warning: This video includes footage of a Sacrocolpopexy surgery. This footage begins at 6 minutes. Please stop watching the video at this point, or do not watch the video at all, if this will be distressing to you or if it will stop you from seeking appropriate treatment.

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