Thursday, 3 July 2014

PubMed: A Place to Get Medical Information, Not a Drink

PubMed is a free online database of medical studies, that includes the research published in almost all of the reputable medical journals. When you see information on PubMed, you can be relatively confident that it has been carefully reviewed by medical experts.
You can access PubMed here: PubMed database.
Accessing PubMed may seem a bit intimidating, particularly if you are not used to this style of writing. There is a good introduction to how to use this database here: An Introduction to PubMed.
Here are some terms that you might come across while using PubMed:
Research - an experiment or study of a topic, that follows very specific scientific rules to make sure that the results are as accurate as possible
Paper - a report about a piece of research
Journal - a specialist magazine where scientists publish the results of their research
Abstract - a short summary of a research project, that states the method the researchers used and the results of their research
You can search PubMed using keywords like "pelvic organ prolapse". Papers are listed in chronological order, which means the most recent are first.
PubMed is a great research tool for women with prolapse, their supporters, and health professionals. It is the main source of information about medical research that you read about here on the Prolapse Information Network.
As always, I encourage you to be informed about your prolapse, and about any treatments that are suggested to you. PubMed is a great way to access the latest scientific evidence to help you manage your prolapse.

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