Thursday, 10 July 2014

Australian Women: You May be Eligible to Receive Some of Your Prolapse Treatment through Medicare

Medicare is the Australian system of free healthcare for all citizens. This system has many good features. However, it can still be difficult and expensive to manage a long-term health condition such as prolapse if you need the support of a health professional such as a Women's Health Physiotherapist.
There is a little known Medicare entitlement called the Chronic Disease Management Plan. Despite the name, it can be applied to any health condition, including prolapse, that has been going for more than six months.
Once a GP has written a Chronic Disease Management Plan and Team Care Arrangement that involves at least two other specialists (such as a Women's Health Physiotherapist, a Continence Nurse or a Urogynaecologist), you may then be eligible to claim a rebate for these services from Medicare. This plan also helps to coordinate your care between your specialists.
If you are an Australian citizen and do not have private health insurance, a Chronic Disease Management Plan may enable you to access all the services you need to manage your prolapse effectively.
For more information, go to the following website: Chronic Disease Management Plan.

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