Thursday, 3 July 2014

Managing Your Pessary

Two common types of pessary

Inserting a pessary is a common way to manage prolapse symptoms. It is a device, usually made from silicone, that is inserted into the vagina. It helps to support the pelvic organs, and for many women can help to relieve prolapse symptoms including discomfort and incontinence.
Many women are unsure about using a pessary, as they are concerned about how it will feel, or if it will fit. Pessaries come in many different sizes and shapes, and most women can be fitted for one that they will find comfortable by a qualified health practitioner. Once a pessary has been correctly fitted, many women can manage it themselves, including removing, cleaning and reinserting it.
Cambridge University Hospital System has created an information page to inform women about pessary as an option, and to help them learn how to manage their pessary.
In includes a very informative video, which can be found here: Managing Your Pessary.
This video includes:
  • A quick explanation of prolapse
  • An explanation of some of the benefits of using a pessary
  • Demonstrations of how to insert two types of pessary, including the ring pessary (one of the most commonly prescribed)
  • Information on cleaning and replacing pessaries
One of the greatest features of this video is real women speaking about their experiences of using a pessary. As always, it is very useful to see the perspectives of women with a prolapse, alongside the scientific information.
This webpage, as they state in their video, is not intended to replace visiting a health professional. It is very important that a qualified practitioner fits you for a Pessary, and monitors your use of it at the beginning.

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