Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Pelvic Floor Disorders Network: Working Together to Research Prolapse


The Pelvic Floor Disorders Network (PFDN) is an American group trying to improve the quality and speed of research about conditions such as prolapse.
It is made up of eight American research hospitals working together. This enables the PFDN to research more quickly, and to include more participants in their studies. This is very important, as the more people there are in a study, the more likely it is to produce results that will apply to a wide variety of women.
Currently, their research projects relating to prolapse include:
  • A comparative study of uterine prolapse procedures
  • Examining the durability of prolapse repair surgery
  • The position of the bladder, bowel and vagina in the years following prolapse repair surgery
You can read more about these research projects on their website: Pelvic Floor Disorders Network.
Much of the research about prolapse in the last 10 years has been produced by the PFDN - to date their members have published 79 papers. They should be acknowledged for their contribution to our understanding of prolapse, and improvements in treatment.

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