Friday, 30 May 2014

Safe Exercise with a Pelvic Floor Injury

Physio helping client with exercise


One of the most confronting things about being diagnosed with a prolapse is the physical restrictions it places on you, particularly if you have always been a fit, physically active person. Returning to exercise, or beginning to exercise, can be especially intimidating if you are concerned about making your prolapse worse.

The Continence Foundation of Australia have put together a great website about safe exercise for women with pelvic floor injuries (such as prolapse), called Pelvic Floor First.

This website gives you really clear guidelines about what cardio, resistance and core exercise can be undertaken without causing or exacerbating pelvic floor injury. It is worth remembering that this information is provided as a guideline only, and if you notice your symptoms worsening you should stop doing the exercise that is causing them to do so.

With that in mind though, you can build your strength and once again start to enjoy something about your body.

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