Thursday, 29 May 2014

A Better Mesh for POP Surgical Repairs

When you are first diagnosed with a prolapse, and do the inevitable internet search, it can seem like there is little good news to be found - particularly when it comes to surgery. Posts in this series (with the tag "Breakthroughs") will help you keep up to date about exciting innovations in the treatment of prolapse.

Dr Edwards with mesh made by our warp knit machine in the background.
Dr Edwards, one of the researchers
One of the elements that causes the most complications in many current types of prolapse repair surgery is the mesh used to support the vaginal walls.

Monash University and the CSIRO are currently researching this problem, with two promising lines of inquiry. They are looking at creating a mesh that has better properties, and also considering using stem cells to help the body accept the mesh when it is implanted.

Good luck to the research team - hopefully we will all be benefiting from their success before long!

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